The Instatizer

Instatizer with Watch Style Silicone Band


Provides a convenient, comfortable & easily operated personal hand sanitizing device that wears like a watch without restricting movement of the wrist.

The Instatizer has 50 uses before needing a refill to help get you through the day hand germ free.

Fill reservoir with a non-gel sanitizing solution such as isopropyl alcohol or other safe sanitizing liquid.

Squirt, 4-5 times for each use, into palm of hand & rub thoroughly to adequately distribute over all surfaces of the hand. 

Nozzle should face up when sanitizer is dispensed from either the top or the bottom of the wrist.

Gel-type sanitizers will not perform correctly with The Instatizer and should not be used.

This product is warrantied for 30 days from date of purchase against defects in manufacturing.

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