The Instatizer


The Instatizer allows you to conveniently use your favorite, trusted liquid sanitizer anywhere, while at home or on-the-go at work, school or social settings.

Compatible with any liquid hand sanitizer, the Instatizer holds 10-12 ml of sanitizer, enough for approximately 50 uses per refill, averaging four to five pumps per use. Easy to use, the Instatizer can be refilled by unscrewing the spray nozzle & pouring in any 100% liquid hand sanitizer. The Instatizer is not compatible with gel sanitizer.

The Instatizer is 3D printed in Santa Ana, California, with biodegradable plant-based materials & offers four models to fit any lifestyle. It is also great for kids!

Includes free ground shipping with a 15% off entire order for purchases of 3 or more.

The Instatizer is also available at wholesale with options for custom logo placement.

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